The Quality and Price of the 6 carat Diamond Ring


For many people, there is something rather mystical about diamond rings. They represent love, getting married and even a hint of royalty in this day and age. However, when it comes to the 6-carat diamond rings, the glamour and honour are even higher ranked. However, before one gets carried away and rushes to buy one there are a number of factors that affect their pricing and therefore one needs to have adequate information on this.

Understanding Diamond Carat

What is a Carat?

A carat is a unit in relation to weight which is commonly used to measure the diamonds besides other gemstones.’ The conversion which may be made is one carat equals 200 milligrams. This is a major determinant of value and price of the gemstone where the higher the carat weight the more valuable the diamond will be.

How Carat Affect the Price

Most of the time, when one hears about carat weight this may lead to higher price of a diamond. This is because large diamonds are rare and in higher demand than smaller ones. Basic economics therefore reveals that demand for larger diamonds is higher than the supply hence the high prices. However carat is only one facet of the whole diamond story and there are many more things that go into the making of a diamond.

Economic Value of a 6 Carats Diamond Ring

Is it a better investment?

An example that can be regarded as a good investment can be a 6-carat diamond ring provided that the cut, colour and clarity are excellent. However, one has to be careful as to when one makes this investment and what the market conditions are like when taking this investment.

Factors Affecting Investment Potential

The market characteristics include the current market conditions of diamond rings, the quality of the diamond being invested, the total economy among other factors. To increase the resale value of the diamond, it should remain in a good state and should be certified.

Market Trends

The Present Trends for Big Stones

The factors that affect the market in large diamonds include the general market forces around the globe, individuals’ tastes, and the growth in the techniques of cutting the diamond. Today great demand is observed with large higher quality diamonds, and therefore the value has shifted upwards.

Historical Price Trends

Big stones have especially been in circulation for a long time now and over the period they have been fetching their worth due to their rarity in the market. Knowledge of these trends, as to when is the best time to buy, is useful when planning the intended purchases.

Determining the Relative Prices 

Ways on How to Compare Prices

While comparing the price of 6 carat diamond ring, people should pay attention to the 4 C’s, the certificate from the jeweller, as well as to the warranties or return policies that may be provided. It is also important to acquire several quotes from several jewellers so as to compare the prices.

Advice for Obtaining the Most Favourable Deal

No one should be scared of bargaining. Most jewellers do not mind giving some discount or including another service to help in the sale. Know the value of the diamond and have this knowledge to your benefit when you are bargaining.

Buying Online vs. In-Store

The Advantages and Disadvantages Purchasing throughInternet

Purchasing things online can be more diverse and sometimes cheaper because most online stores have lower service expenses. Nevertheless, buying diamonds in stores provides the buyer with an opportunity to examine the diamond ‘tangible’ before making the purchase.

Reliable Online Diamond Retailers

There are certain online jewelries which are well known and reputable; these are Blue Nile, James Allen and Whiteflash. The extensive inventories, highly comprehensive certifications, and return policies of these retailers are revealed.

Customization Options

The Customs Settings for Six-Carat Diamond

Customization brings out the creativity that will result in a new ring that will be different from other normal rings. The options of design include the place of the ring, type of metal, as well as the side stones or engraved text.

The Effect of Custom Designs on Costs

The major drawback of customization is the additional cost, which, however, insures the uniqueness of the product. It is also extremely important to sit down and calculate your budget and also consult the jeweller for the best prices.


Buying a 6 carat diamond ring is a noble move, but it has to be done taking into consideration some factors. Hence with the understanding of the 4Cs and analysing the trends in the market as well as understanding the importance of certification, one will be in a position of making the right decision as to the cut of the diamond ring that best fits a given individual depending on their individual taste and financial capacity.

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